Add User in linode

Add New User in Linode Terminal.

1) log into Linode Terminal with your credentials.

2) After logging in to Linode Terminal I need to create a New user using the below commands.

3) useradd -m -s /bin/bash {user_name} && password {your_password}

4) After running the above command terminal ask password and Retry a new password.

5)After creating a new user, you can verify with the {ls /home} command to create your username folder in your home directory.

6) Also you can verify your password file using the below command.

-> cat etc/passwd

7) After verifying the password row in the above command you can log in with your credentials.

Assigning sudo Permission to newly created users

1) using visudo command in terminal you can check out sudo group member.

2)  Allowing sudo permission using below command.

->  usermode -aG sudo {user_name}

-> groups {user_name}

Switching Username root to {Another_user}

1) su - {user_name} 

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